URALS TOUR 2007 - 4,000 km through the heart of Russia

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Day 1: Arrival in Moscow

We meet you at one of the Moscow's international airports and organize a comfortable transfer to the train station. Due to Moscow size it can take up to few hours. Here you can relax a bit from your flight an we take care of your hunger. The train to Kazan leaves at 7 pm. The 12-hours night trip to Kazan is a good chance to get a feeling of the Russian trains and the Trans-Siberian railroad journey. You travel in a 4-bed cabin and can enjoy the relaxing rocking of the wagon and the typical 'singing' of the wheels. Those who will not fall a sleep we invite for a dinner in the train restaurant.

Day 2: Arrival in Kazan

At 7 am we arrive in Kazan - the capital of Tatarstan, economically one of the most developed federal republics of Russia. During the comfortable transfer to a deluxe bungalow resort on the Volga you can enjoy the views of the Kazan area. Breakfast at the resort. Spend a relaxing morning enjoying the tranquil surroundings including sauna, swimming pool or just getting more sleep. Lunch at the resort followed by a leisurely 2-3 hours sightseeing tour to a famous historical place. Dinner at the resort.

Day 3: Visiting Kazan & heading up to the Urals

After breakfast we go to the historical center of Kazan, which just recently celebrated its 1000-year jubilee. We show you Kazan's white Kremlin, Russian traditional orthodox churches and the Russia's biggest and most beautiful mosque, persident palace as well as the University, where Lenin studied. After a traditional Tatar lunch we head up to a different world - Russia's countryside... By the evening we arrive at the village Dimskay. A traditional Russian countryside dinner with caviar, shashlik and vodka will be already waiting for you. We also prepared for you a surprise - a unique opportunity to stay overnight in the private homes of different village inhabitants.

Day 4: Dimskay - Belebey

Start the day with an early breakfast and get you comfortable with the bikes and terrain followed by a leisurely 2-3 hours ride through the flourish steppe and the gentle foothills of the Urals. Meet with support vehicles and enjoy a bonfire lunch in a beautiful Russian birch forest at the lake Kandrykul. After a 2-3 hours afternoon ride we pitch our tents in a nice tranquil place, cook together by bonfire and enjoy the rest of the evening with the Russian beer.

Day 5: Belebey - Krasnousolsk

Head out further to the East and enjoy the day of a relatively easy going ride in the spacious forest-steppe scenery. We will pass a lot of small and very small Russian, Tartar and Bashkir villages. The life of its inhabitants is so simple and archaic that you will become a feeling of being back in the time. After a stop for an outdoor lunch depart for the overnight stay in the 'Soviet Union'-style healthcare center Krasnousolsky. Enjoy a dinner and get to know how the members of the former communistic party spend their vacation time.

Day 6: Krasnousolsk - Usyan

Not later than today you become to appreciate the off-road capabilities of the KTM 625-SXC bikes. Because here begins nearly untouched Russian taiga. Depending on the weather conditions, the very few forest roads are partly impassable even for our military 4x4-vehicles, so that they might need to make some detour. You also will notice that the use of the word "road" under these circumstances is not really appropriate. After a challenging 4 hours ride we stop for a lunch. Continuing to cross Urals we reach its biggest river Belaya and ride few hours upstream alongside the spectacular steep and rocky river banks until we stop for an overnight. You may try yourself in fishing and with a little bit of luck we might have for the dinner a traditional Russian fish soup "Uha".

Day 7: Usyan - Absakovo

We continue to cross the Urals and the impenetrable (except for the few trails) taiga. Intensive 3-4 hours ride with short stops for snack until we reach few gorgeous mountain lakes and the civilization. From here we take a short ride to the deluxe bungalow hotel Absakovo located in the Russia's famous resort area. In the hotel restaurant we enjoy a tasty late afternoon lunch and celebrate your first Urals-crossing. In the comfortable and spacious 2-person bungalows you can relax from the tough riding days, enjoy sauna, massage or go to the aquapark. Dinner at the hotel.

Day 8: Absakovo - Orlovka

We will take a lazy start to the day. After a breakfast at the hotel we depart direction North-Northwest along the East side of the Urals, which is lush with a lot of smaller and bigger lakes and spectacular, typical Russian scenery. Depending on the weather we stop for a swimming break. Some sections on this day we ride on good asphalt, so we quickly move forward and you can enjoy an easy going ride. We also don't want you to miss a chance to have a lunch in a small provincial town cafe. By the evening we pitch our tents at a lake and you again can enjoy the freshness and fragrance of a natural mountain lake.

Day 9: Orlovka - Zyratkul

On the day six and seven we cross the Urals from West to East. But to return back home you need to cross it in the other direction. And again there are only few trails through the wild taiga. That means: challenging narrow trails, river crossings, lots of ascents and descents, and dirt, dirt and again dirt. By the evening we reach the lake Zyratkul located in the protected national park, where we settle in for the night. Dinner and comfortable accommodation at the recently build resort EkoPark. Enjoy traditional Russian banya, get relaxing massage or go for a late evening walk by the beautiful lake Zyratkul.

Day 10: Zyratkul - Asha

Even this is your last riding day, be aware that your off-road riding skills will definitely improve after this day. After a hearty breakfast we head up further towards West. After few hours you experience a close encounter with the mountain river Yuryzan. The river crossing will be hard and wet, but worth the experience. And if you imagine that Zlatoust-36 - one of the Russia's closed military cities, which manufactures strategic nuclear missiles, is located only 10 km from this place, you know, this is something that you will tell all your riding friends about back home. And the few small run-down and nearly abandoned villages lost in the middle of nowhere, which we pass on the way, will also leave a big mark in your memories. By the late evening we arrive in the bungalow hotel Asha. At this night you will wish only one thing - to sleep.

Day 11: Relaxing from the trip

Take an easy day, relax in the Russian wood-heated banya and enjoy fresh mountain air. Dry the gear, pack the bags and if you up to it, you are welcome to help us in cleaning the bikes and loading it on the truck. We started our bike tour with a traditional Russian countryside meal, and we also finalize it with the plenteous of shashlik, vodka and beer. Because such celebrations usually last longer, at some point the lunch will become a dinner.

Day 12: Departure to Moscow

After a leisurely breakfast we take leave of this nearly untouched part of the world. Comfortable transfer to the Ufa airport. Lunch at the airport. After a 2-hour flight we arrive at the airport Domodedovo in Moscow. Comfortable transfer to the modern apartments, located close to the Moscow's downtown. After some rest we invite you for a tasty Russian dinner. Depending on your mood we take a walk trough the famous Red Square and the main glamour streets of the very agile Russia's capital.

Day 13: Sightseeing in Moscow

Homelike breakfast at the apartment and up in the Metro, so that our you get a feeling of this phenomenal underground system, which transports every day more than 10 million people. We show you the famous Kremlin - seat of the President Putin and for centuries the center of Russia's political power struggle and intrigues, with its beautiful orthodox churches and the Armory collection of gold, silver and jewelry, Faberge eggs, carriages and Czar thrones. After a leisurely lunch we make a relaxing boat voyage along the Moscow-river, which gives you a good overview of the city. Depending on your mood and interest we can split the group and do the sightseeing of you choice. After lunch in a Ukrainian restaurant we take a spectacular look over the night city in a renowned Swissotel sky bar.

Day 14: Departure for country of origin

Breakfast at the apartment. Sightseeing of you choice, for example the National Tretyakov gallery - the most comprehensive collection of Russian paintings or the famous Christ the Savior Cathedral - the main church of the country and the seat of the Patriarchs (the head of the Russian orthodox church). Final farewell to the group. Transfer to the airport. For those of you who want to stay longer in Moscow or go for example to St. Petersburg we help to make necessary arrangements.

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